Why is the ozone layer important?

1 Answer
Feb 21, 2016

It protects life on the planet from harmful UV radiation.


Prior to about 500 million years ago, the ozone layer was not sufficiently strong enough to protect land going organisms from harmful radiation - but once the ozone layer was strong enough, land animals could evolve.

The ozone layer absorbs UV radiation from the sun as oxygen (O2) molecules are broken up and they then form O3 0 ozone. if there was not an ozone layer, we would be bombarded by harmful UV radiation and skin cancer rates would soar.

In the 1980s, scientists discovered a "hole" in the ozone layer from human use of CFCs gases used in refrigerators. These gases were banned and the hole in the ozone layer is being repaired.

http://www.geography.hunter.cuny.edu/~tbw/wc.notes/1.atmosphere/ozone_depletion.1.htm image source here

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