Why is the purpose of internal rhyming in poetry? Is there any difference between internal and external rhyming, other than its placement in a poem?

1 Answer
Oct 27, 2017

Internal rhyming generally heightens the quality of a poem and rhythm


For example, if you listen to hip-hop, what makes one rapper's bars superior to another (assuming they are discussing the same subject matter, and have comparable beats)? Well, you might not find much lyrical poetry in a line that ends with "cat", which is then followed by " bat".

Internal rhyme is generally more difficult. For example your first line may be "My mother told Buster", and the second is " My brother's old mustard". Now I understand that those lines are nearly unrelated, but lets examine it. Mother rhymes with brother , as does told with old . Buster and mustard utilize internal rhyme, -ter with -tar ( which is still pronounced as ter). This is an internal rhyme because the syllables that rhyme do not appear at the end