Why would an elizabethan audience relate to the nurse and friar lawrence in romeo and Juliet?

Quotation would be helpful


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Feb 7, 2018


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Many Elizabethan audiences would relate to Friar as he was a respected, religious man. Being religious, it makes him trustworthy as at the time, England was a very religious country (being Protestant under Elizabeth I). The fact that the audience is religious allows them to connect with the Friar's intentions.

The nurse can be related to by Elizabethan audiences because she is a "wet nurse". This means she would care for the child, in this case Juliet, from birth while the actual mother did her own thing. This was a common thing to do in those times, especially for wealthy families such as Juliet's. This means as it was a common thing at the time, the audience could connect to it easily.