The Effect of Abiotic and Biotic Factors

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    Temperature, weather, and humidity.


    An abiotic factor is a non-living factor that influences and resides in an environment. So, things like weather, temperature, and humidity are considered abiotic factors, while things like predators are considered biotic factors.

  • Biotic and abiotic factors are the environmental conditions that the organisms have to face to live in a specified environment.

    Abiotic factors
    Abiotic factors are the physical and chemical conditions of an environment. For example : heat, salinity, pressure, light, wind, pH ...

    Biotic factors
    Biotic factors are all the biological conditions of an environment for a specie/taxa. It can include prey and predator abundance, available food amount, available space, intra and interspecific competition...

    The development of organims is under the control of abiotic factors. Some are adapted to heat, cold etc ... The abiotic factors will define which organisms are able or not to live in a specified place.

    The living organisms will constitute the biotic factors, which define if and how can an organism live in a specified environment.

    So, the abiotic factors are controling the biotic factors of an environment.

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  • biotic factors results from the activities of living organisms in the environment. some examples include

    • predation
    • symbiosis
    • competition
    • all the relationships that exist between living organisms(e.g. food chains, food webs, pollination, camouflage,dispersal)