Water Pollution

Key Questions

  • Answer:

    The causes of water pollution are :


    1. Leakage of raw petroleum and oil spills during transportation by ships or tankers.

    2. Natural disasters like flood, landslide, Tsunami, earthquakes etc.

    3. Discharge of radioactive wastes from nuclear reactions.

    4. Mixing of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides with water.

    5. Disposal of dead bodies of animals in water sources.

    6. Disposal of waste water with harmful chemicals from industries.

    7. Washing of clothes, bathing and cleaning of dishes near the water sources.

    8. Using banks of rivers and ponds as open toilets.

    9. Disposal of sewage in water sources.

    10. Contamination of drinking water with sewage when the pipes for transportation of drinking water and disposal of sewage are drawn together in cities.

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