Air Pollution

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Air Pollution
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Key Questions

  • There are various activities or factors which are responsible for releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. Here is a short list.

    Anthropogenic (or man-made) sources:

    • Stationary sources include smoke stacks of power plants, manufacturing factories and waste incinerators.
    • Mobile sources include motor vehicles, marine vessels, and aircraft.

    • Controlled burn practices in agriculture and forest management.

    • Fumes from paint, hair spray, varnish, aerosol sprays and other solvents
    • Waste deposition in landfills, which generate methane.
    • Military resources, such as nuclear weapons, toxic gases, germ warfare and rocketry.

    Natural sources:

    • Dust from natural sources.
    • Radon gas from radioactive decay within the Earth's crust.
    • Vegetation, in some regions, emits environmentally significant amounts of VOCs on warmer days.
    • Volcanic activity, which produces sulfur, chlorine, and ash particulates.
  • Answer:

    The effect of air pollution will vary depending on what pollutants are discussed but the effects can be classified in health, environment, and economic.


    1. Health

    Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are often the result of air pollution. Some immediate effects include difficulty in breathing coughing, asthma attacks, and worsening of existing respiratory diseases.

    Some pollutants (particularly PAHs, dioxins and furans) can cause cancer.

    2. Environment

    a. tropospheric ozone causes damage to agricultural and native vegetation
    b. acid rain - high levels of sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides lowers the pH of wet and dry deposition from the atmosphere.
    c. climate - particulate matter can either absorb or scatter short and long wavelengths. PM can also influence precipitation through increasing number of condensation nuclei.
    d. Ozone (stratospheric) hole which is caused by CFCs

    3. Economic

    a. Declining health of humans means low productivity. It affects delivery of goods and services.
    b. Since air pollution affects vegetation, food production is unstable.

  • Answer:

    Use less things or items that cause pollution.


    We could stop using fossil fuels, dumping wastes into fresh water, and stop burning so much coal and items like that.