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  • Someone from Faisalabad, Pakistan
    Someone from Faisalabad, Pakistan I am very interested in neuroscience both theory , practical as well as fiction. So it'll  be very appreciated if you allow me to enhance. That's  all.
    1 year ago
  • Sarah C
    @sarah-c-7 Sarah C Hello! I'm fascinated by the human body and brain and would love to help teach (and learn) on socratic. I've already got to work answering psychology questions, and the anatomy questions about the brain are always my favourite - so an area just for the brain is a dream come true! 
    I think that neuroscience is a brilliant subject to have on socratic as it is a place full of people who want to use their own brains. I would love to help get this subject set up:)
    2 years ago
  • hsk
    @sardar-harpreet-singh-kalsi hsk Hi! i have had neuroscience as one of my subject in my postgraduation where we studied basics of neuroscience and behavioral studies.

    Neuroscience is really an amazing subject where you are trying to decipher the code behind the most amazing organ of human body, THE BRAIN. there are various mysteries which have started to be deciphered by scientist and should be shared here on Socratic.
    2 years ago
  • Someone from Bangalore, India
    Someone from Bangalore, India thats great !!! thanks a ton !
    2 years ago
  • Becca M.
    @becca Becca M. Welcome, @fair-tapir! Love your passionate reply :) As long as you feel confident that you can answer Neuroscience questions, you are welcome to be a founder.

    Excited to get this subject off the ground!
    2 years ago
  • Someone from Bangalore, India
    Someone from Bangalore, India well, i dont really have a 'professional' background in neuroscience .. but i do have passion for it and aspire to become a neuro-scientist.. and passion bets experience & knowledge ( under certain grounds ) and why me ? me coz i am really good at simplifying concepts , in the past i have taught many ppl and i have made sure they understand .. i am marvelous with management and organizing .. and very creative .. ( how do i support that, now ? ) thats it .. i dunno what to say more .. but i will work hard and improve in aspects which i lack .. i would love to join here and be of help . thanks
    2 years ago
  • Someone from Bangalore, India
    Someone from Bangalore, India hey there .. guys can i join ? preety plz ? kiddin .. but i am in love with neuroscience since my 9th grade and i aspire to become a neuroscientist ..and its great to know that i am not alone coz all my friends give me the "look' when i talk about my fascination for neuroscience .. so .. um .. i hope i can help and join ..
    2 years ago
  • Sam S.
    @funny-mouse Sam S. I'll try telling my friends. But I'm not sure how well that would work out. I'm really the only one in my group with the passion for Neuroscience.
    2 years ago
  • Becca M.
    @becca Becca M. @Sam S. aw! Well, on the one hand I can introduce you to some awesome Socratic people. But for other Neuro founders, I was wondering if you know anyone outside of Socratic who'd want to help out. You can post on Facebook or Reddit or wherever to see if anyone you know might be interested!
    2 years ago
  • Sam S.
    @funny-mouse Sam S. Hmm...I'm fairly new to the website. I don't have many friends yet...
    2 years ago
  • Becca M.
    @becca Becca M. Hi @funny-mouse! So very excited you're on board on open up neuroscience :) I think you're going to be an amazing founder! The name of the game now is to get 7 other founders signed up, so we can start building. Do you know anyone else who might be great to help out?
    2 years ago
  • Sam S.
    @funny-mouse Sam S. Hey guys! I'm Sam and I love Neuroscience! I took a week of Behavioral Neuroscience classes at Western Washington University and a week of Psychology at Washington State University a few years ago. I've been hooked ever since. Neuroscience should be on Socratic because it's absolutely fascinating. And, whether your future/current career is in it or not, it's ALWAYS cool to learn new things.
    2 years ago
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How are new subjects launched?

By the community! (With support from the Socratic team.) To launch a subject on Socratic, you need a founding team of eight people who are committed to building and supporting the subject through its critical early days.

Once eight founders have signed up, you will form a team that collaborates to grow and nurture the subject using a live version of the site. You will write the subject's first featured answers and recruit other contributors. Most important, you will lead by example by participating often and encouraging others to do the same.

Once the founding team has built a foundation of helpful answers and a healthy community of supporters, the subject will graduate, meaning it will join the ranks as a designated Socratic learning resource. We'll also design a beautiful subject badge to make it official!

Who can be a subject founder?

Anyone who knows a lot about Neuroscience can become a founder. Why? The Socratic community values passion, diversity of opinions, and commitment over credentials.

Alongside your knowledge, your passion to share and spread Neuroscience with students everywhere should be your driving force. This is what will help your subject succeed!

Why should I become a founder?
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When I sign up to be a founder, what am I committing to? I'm not sure I have time.

New subjects need a foundation of helpful answers and, most important, continuous participation from passionate folks. As a founder, you will:

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Can I invite friends to be founders?

If you know someone who would be a great founder for a new subject on Socratic, you can — and should! — invite that person by sharing the link to this page with them, and encouraging them to sign up.

Inviting a friend to join you on the founding team likely means working with someone you already respect, which'll help establish trust amongst the team early on. Trust = better outcomes and more fun.

I would love to see Neuroscience on Socratic! Can I get involved without becoming a founder?

Yes! To help get Neuroscience launched on Socratic, you can:

  • Recruit others (know a potential founder?) and spread the word (share links with interested friends or online groups you're part of)
  • Contribute early answers — anyone can write answers, even if you're not a founder
  • Ask some of the first questions (if you're studying this subject or want to learn about it)
  • Get to know the founders and chime in with support and encouragement