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A chemical reaction is required to separate the substances in a compound. The components of a mixture can be separated based on their physical properties using techniques like filtration or distillation.


To separate the substances in a compound, a chemical reaction is required.

Running electric current through water will produce hydrogen and oxygen gases. This process is called electrolysis.

2#H_2O# -> 2#H_2# + #O_2#

Substances in mixtures can be separated using physical change processes. For example, a mixture containing salt and water can be separated by having the water transition into the gas state by evaporating or boiling.

NaCl(aq) -> NaCl(s) + 2#H_2O#(g)

Components in mixtures can also be separated using techniques including distillation, filtration, chromatography or taking advantage of other physical properties such as magnetism.

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