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Jul 27, 2014

To answer this question, we must know the density of the vanilla powder.

The density varies from 0.62 to 0.72 g/mL, depending on how the powder is made. I will assume that the density is 0.67 g/mL.

I also assume that you are using US cups. 1 US cup = 237 mL

If you are using ⅔ cup of vanilla powder, Its mass will be

⅔ cup × #(237"mL")/(1"cup") × (0.67"g")/(1"mL")# = 106 g

That is way too much vanilla powder, unless you are a real vanilla addict.

To get 32 g of vanilla powder, you should use

32 g × #(1"mL")/(0.67"g")# = 48 mL (⅕ cup)

This is less than the smallest measuring cups (⅓ cup) that are commonly available.

Let's look at a different measure: 1 tbsp = 14.8 mL

48 mL × #(1"tbsp")/(14.8"mL")# = 3.2 tbsp

You should be OK if you use 3 tbsp of vanilla powder.

If that's not enough, just add a little more "to taste".