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Aug 11, 2016

The BCF (bioconcentration factor) is #60256#. Then let us calculate the rest.


According to Connell, D. W. (Bioaccumulation of Xenobiotic Compounds, 1990 CRC Press), BCF of DDT is #60256# (or #10^4.78#).

So the DDT concentration in plankton is

#"BCF" * "concentration in water" = 60256 * 0.2 = "12051 mg/kg"#

Now we can calculate the concentration of DDT in fish (eating plankton). This is

#10 * 12051 = "120510 mg/kg"" ""or" " 121 g/kg"#.

In the end, the concentration of DDT in a bird will be #"1210 g/kg"#. This cannot pass 1000 g per kg. It is highly recommended to check site-specific conditions (such as water hardness, pH, dissolved or suspended solids, etc.). And this concentration (computed one) cannot be observed in reality. I only assumed that a ten-fold increase in DDT in food chain occur. Maybe it is less than ten-fold.