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Mar 16, 2015

Well it shows that you have a bid heart to help

KARMA points is nothing but how much you've helped Socratic to be a place for conducive learning

More the karma points you earn the great you making Socratic as a learning place

Karma points show that you believe that knowledge spread is knowledge gained . It shows that You don't mind sharing a piece of a certain data For the betterment of Others.
The knowledge when pooled by many peoples is always greater than by one

Hence your contribution to the Socratic method is denoted by karma

Mar 18, 2015

Karma is meant to measure how much you've made Socratic a better place to learn.

You earn karma by answering questions, getting hearts on your answers, and other actions that improve the site.

This means that you can earn karma both for actions you take as well as actions other users take on your answers (such as hearting it).

You can see the full list of actions to earn karma here: