Trivial question [2]: When does a week run (e.g. for Top karma of the week)? This question was suggested by wondering how Stefan had 1500+ karma for the week and George as the next closest only had 200.

1 Answer

The last week is thought of as the "last 7 days" from "today". Similarly the last month is considered to be the "last 30 days" from "today".


Let's say that you start with zero karma on Saturday..

You answer 10 questions on Saturday, post the last one on 1:00 pm, and get your karma up to 500.

Assuming that you don't receive any "likes" for your answers, which you of course add 100 karma to your total, you stop answering questions for one full week.

On the next Saturday at 12:59 pm your total should still show 500 for "this week". At 1:01 pm, your total should go to zero.

Basically, you lose daily karma until the week runs out.

I started with about 200 karma in the Meta section a few days ago, then I posted a bunch of answers and got "likes" for some of them.

Now my karma is dropping by the same amount it increased on a daily basis.

Bottom line, the "week" starts 7 days ago today. The "top karma this week" is for the Saturday 25th July - Saturday August 1st interval.

Tomorrow, the "top karma this week" will show points accumulated in the Sunday July 26th - Sunday August 2nd interval.

And so on.