Why do we see so many questions in the wrong subjects?

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Jul 25, 2015

Simply put, because that's where they were placed by the student who asked the question.


More often than not, questions found in the wrong topic (or even in the wrong subject) were placed there by the student who asked them.

As you've seen when you posted your questions, when you want to ask a question, the subject and topic options can be selected via drop-down lists.

Sometimes the students who wants to post an image overlooks the topic drop-down list or clicks on another topic by mistake. Moreover, many of the students who post questions and/or answers on Socratic do not have English as their first language, which can also add to the confusion when selecting a topic.

The bottom line is that students who ask questions control where these questions first land. If we come across such a question we move it to the appropriate topic.

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of questions implies that there will be (a lot of) misplaced questions which we will miss entirely.

That's where contributors can help! If you happen to see a misplaced question, and you feel like you're in a particularly helpful mood (:D), you can move it to the correct topic yourself.

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The Edit question drop-down list located right under the text of the question gives you this option.