Socratic is a plarform where contributors can freely upload content. Will there be any quality control procedure in Socratic to maintain a standard?

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Jan 13, 2017

Interesting question!


For starters, contributors cannot upload any type of content on Socratic. Answers, edits, comments, thank-you notes, and questions posted by newcomers are being moderated as they come in.

This is usually done twice a day, so chances are that you will see some unwanted content on the site every now and then, but rest assured that nothing abusive gets to stay around for more than #12# hours.

Now, we moderate content with safety as our top priority. We want Socratic to be a safe place first and foremost.

As far as answer quality goes, we don't allow just any answer on Socratic. We do have a basic quality control system going on, but we try to keep as many answers as possible on the site.

Remember that Socratic is not designed for experts or teachers, anybody can post here, as long as their answers have a minimum standard of quality.

Moreover, the cool part about Socratic is that its self-governed, meaning that the community does most of the quality control around here.

Because of that, Socratic does not guarantee the accuracy of the answers posted here. Don't get me wrong, we don't want to have inaccurate answers floating around, but that is bound to happen given the model on which Socratic is based

Anybody can post and answer questions as long as they don't use inappropriate or abusive content.

You can also give this and this a read.

As a final note, all this could change in the future, but now it's way too early to tell if a more strict quality control system will ever get implemented.