How do I post a question longer than three lines?

1 Answer
Aug 13, 2015

You have a couple of options to choose from.


Indeed, the question box only allows for a limited number of characters, which is why after the third row your inpout is no longer visible.

Here's what you could do about this

  • Upload your question as an image to an online image hosting site, then post the link here

This is a very popular technique used by students to add longer questions. You can write your question in a text editor of your choice, make a quick screenshot of the question, upload this screenshot to a free image hosting site (you can google free image hosting if you don't know any), then take the link and add it to a question on Socratic.

I have answered a lot of questions that featured links to images, so this is always a very good alternative.

  • Post part of the question like you normally would, then continue in an answer

Here's another technique you can use - start by writing your question like you normally would, but leave it incomplete.

After you post the question like that, add the rest of the question in an answer. This is another popular option among students.

  • Break up your question into smaller ones and add them separately

Alternatively, you could break up longer questions into smaller ones. You could, for example, use something like [PART 1] in the beginning of the first question, write as much as you can here, then post it incomplete.

Then post the rest in another question that starts with [PART 2], write as much as you can, and post it.

Then post another one that starts with [PART 3], and so on.

We will make sure that once you get an answer to your "overall question", the pieces will be merged into a single question/answer.