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Oct 14, 2015

That depends on what you're referring to.


The thing to look out for with this noun is that it has both a singular and a plural form!

You use the plural form when referring to more than one person. This automatically implies that you need to use plural forms of verbs with this form.

So, for exampe, you can say

  • How many people are visiting Socratic each day?
  • I'm curious about what other people are thinking.
  • Sometimes people say what they don't mean.

When you'r referring to multiple persons, you use the plural form of people.

Now for the singular form. The singular form is used when referring to all the members of an ethnic group, nation, country, tribe as a unit.

So, for example, if you want to say something about all the citizens of a country, you would use the singular form.

  • The American people is very creative.
  • I really liked Australia because the Australian people is very welcoming.

In these examples you're referring to every American and every Australian, respectively, as a group.