What's the definition of a proper noun?

2 Answers
Apr 5, 2018

A proper noun names something, someone, or somewhere.


John Smith is a proper noun.

A man is a common noun.

Mount Wilson is a proper noun

a mountain is a common noun.

Washington DC is a proper noun

The city is a a common noun.

Apr 7, 2018

A proper noun is specific and always capitalized. They denote specific places, people, or things.


Examples of proper nouns:

Thomas Paine (a specific person)

Legend (title of a specific book)

"Ghostbusters" (title of a specific song)

Seattle (a specific city)

Zhejiang (a specific province)

Afghanistan (a specific country)

Muslim (a person of a specific faith)

Islam (a specific faith)

Examples of common nouns (general, not capitalized):

person (could be anyone, not specific)

book (could be any book, doesn't tell which one)

song (could be any song, not referring to a particular one)

religion (could be any religion)