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Nov 1, 2015

Here's what's going on here.


In the Launch HQ, each subject has a "Follow" button attached.

Now, when you are not following a subject, the button will show Follow. The text basically tells what will happen after you press it.

So if you press on a button that says Follow, you will begin to follow the subject. At that point, the button changes to Unfollow.

By the same logic, the button now tells you what will happen if you click on it again. In this case, if you click on Unfollow, you will no longer follow said subject.

Now, when you click on Follow, the count does not refresh automatically. That means that you have to ewither refresh the page yourself, or navigate away and return to the page to see that your "follow" is being counted in the total.

So here's how that sequence will look for World History

enter image source here

In the Launch HQ, the subject has #513# followers at this time. Notice that my button says "Follow". I click on it to follow the subject.

enter image source here

Now the button changed to Unfollow, which means that I am currently following the subject. The count is sill 513 because I didn't refresh the page. After the refresh, I get

enter image source here

Finally, my follow was counted and the subject now shows #514# followers. I can unfollow by doing the exact opposite, i.e. click on Unfollow, refresh the page, and watch the counter go back to #513# again.