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Dec 24, 2016

These sensors provide information about the motion of the athlete that is invisible even to the trained eye of the coach, so that highly specific adjustments to strength training can be made.


For coaches of high-performance athletes, the difference between world-class performance and not qualifying depends on an athlete learning to apply the correct forces using the correct muscle groups at precisely the right moment and in the right sequence.

However, because forces link to acceleration rather than velocity, it is necessary for coaches to assess the acceleration of the various actions during a jump or throw for example. Yet, while velocity is a relatively easy aspect of motion to observe and evaluate with the trained eye, even the most experienced trainers and coaches struggle to see acceleration with anything approaching the kind of precision needed to train an elite athlete.

For this reason, a motion sensor that can accurately measure acceleration is a vital tool in the multi-million dollar area of competitive athletics.

The sensors feed data into a computer that can then analyze the motion and help the coach determine where the loss of force and power is occurring, so that very specific strength training can be done to improve performance.

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