What part of the world is your favorite?

2 Answers
Apr 15, 2016


The PreCambrian shield regions of the world - called peneplains.


The PreCambrian shield regions of Earth are the oldest rocks we know of. They are the result of billions of years of weathering and erosion that has ground them down to an almost flat terrains - lakes, trees and rocks predominate. In places you can find ancient mountain ranges that have been ground nearly flat, evidence of ancient volcanoes, and some of the first life-forms on the planet.

These terrains, in Canada at least, are usually quite remote and much of nature remains undisturbed by human activities (except for a few scattered mines). In the winter, these terrains are transformed into a snowy/icy white world. My first job as a geologist was helping to map one of these terrains in northern Canada and I also met my wife, of nearly 41 years, there in a bush camp!http://www.betterton.ca/testimonials.htm image source here


Apr 11, 2017

I like hills.