What is the saturated alcohol with TWO carbon atoms?

1 Answer
Mar 30, 2016

Ethyl alcohol, #C_2H_5OH#


Most (all?) alcohols are poisonous, and certainly ethyl alcohol will kill you if excess alcohol is consumed. Since time immemorial humanity has brewed up excess grains and fruits to make beers and wines. These beers and wines may be redistilled and aged to make spirits and brandies, very high value products. Methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, will send you blind. Often, pure ethyl alcohol is denatured by addition of methanol or phenol. The methylated spirit that we use for cleaning is mostly ethanol, but the added adulterants make it unfit for drinking.

Just wanted to add that at a hardware store you can still buy so-called methylated spirits. This is almost pure ethanol, however, methanol and phenol have been added so that if you drink it you will go blind. There are some poor individuals who are so far gone in their alcohol addiction that they will drink methylated spirits. Methylated spirits are available cheaply at any hardware store.