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May 7, 2017

The line graph would be best.


The graph must have a title like the rate of growth versus light intensity.

Then there must be a scale and label for each axis.

The y axis should be labeled intensity of light. The graph should start at zero for no intensity of light and have a scale that indicates the value of each interval on the axis. ( The intensity of the light should be on the y axis because it is most likely the independent variable. That is the variable that the experimenter can most easily control.

The x axis should be labeled rate of growth for plants. ( hopefully the type of plant used has been controlled. ) There needs to be a scale that measures the rate of growth in some measure of distance or mass divided by some measure of time. The rate of growth should be on the x axis because it is most likely the dependent variable. The dependent variable is the measured change due to the changes in the in dependent variable made by the experimenter.

The line graph can be used to evaluate a hypothesis or prediction about the relationship between light intensity and growth.