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Apr 30, 2016


1036N,1036N and 2590N


The trailer is accelerated at #1.85ms^-2#. Hence the force exerted on it, by Newton's 2nd law, is given by:

Newton's 3rd law tells us that if the car exerts a force on the trailer, then the trailer exerts an equal an opposite force on the car. So the answer is #1036N#

The caravan and car are both accelerating at the same rate. So the engine must be providing a force given by:

The net force on the car must therefore be:
Force provide by engine less force exerted by trailer #=3626N-1036N =2590N#

Or you could just say the car is accelerating and therefore the net force must be:
#F=ma= 1400*1.85 =2590N#

i.e. you get to the same answer