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Jul 7, 2016

I revised your essay in the explanation. I did not omit any sentences, nor did I create any. I simply revised it to make it look better in my opinion.


Have you ever made an important decision of your own? Some think that a person should never make an important decision alone, while others think the opposite. However, in my opinion, I strongly believe that a person should not make an essential decision alone, because you are left without good advice, miss out on other people's experiences, and lack the ability to share different perspectives.

Firstly, making an important decision alone is not preferable because you have the potential to gain vital pieces of advice. For example, a year ago, when I finished 9th grade, I had the responsibility of choosing a decent school to study for my 10th grade. I did not know of the many schools out there, so I could not pick a school in which I would study. Thus, my parents gave me very crucial advice. As a result of that, I am currently getting my education in an honorable school. Now, I appreciate my parents for that. In conclusion, when you ask for advice, I believe those you trust are always willing to give the best knowledge and support in decision making.

Equally important, making an essential decision alone does not provide many benefits since you would not receive insight into the experiences of other people. You can then draw your new ideas as to what might happen. It can be better for you if you know how your decision will impact yourself when you are given the experiences of other people.

Finally, making an important decision alone is not a bright idea because you lack the ability to look at your choices with many different perspectives. I think that people can come up with many perspectives like a famous idiom: so many men, so many minds. So, you can have more options to select your own decision. It may be extremely useful if you can look at your problems that require decision with more aspects so that you can make the right decision easier.

All in all, making an essential decision alone is not the correct way to go. I believe that since you can have supportive advice, learn from experiences, and different aspects from other people decision making will become much easier and helpful.