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Aug 16, 2016

6.0012 does not need to be expressed in scientific notation.


Scientific form is generally taken to mean expressing numbers as a certain value multiplied by 10 to a certain power. It is useful when considering numbers that are very large, or very small, as it removes the need to write long strings of zeros.

For example, fifty thousand, 50,000, could be written as "5 x #10^4#", or 620,500,000 (six hundred and twenty million, five hundred thousand) could be written as "6.205 x #10^8#".

However, 6.0012 is already a small number and doesn't have any string of zeros before or after the significant digits. Technically you could write it as "6.0012 x #10^0#" (because #10^0# is equal to 1) but it would be rather pointless!