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Aug 25, 2016

The unit for mass is the kilogram The unit for weight or force is the newton.


The kilogram is an indirect measure of the amount of matter that an object contains. The mass in kilograms of an object is the same here on earth as it is in outer space.

The newton is a measure of force or weight. The newton is based on the acceleration of gravity on earth. The acceleration of gravity is # 9.8 m/s^2# l Kg creates 9.8 newtons. On the moon l kg would create much less force because the gravity on the moon is much less.

Mass in kilograms does not change, Weight ( or force) in Newtons does change, depending on where the object is.

# F= MA#

Mass = the number of kilograms
A = the acceleration due to gravity.

F (newtons) = # 1 Kg xx 9.8 m/s^2#