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Apr 21, 2017

Self-organization is the spontaneous movement toward internal organization from initially random factors, Some form of self-organizatin is essential to Darwinian evolution.


The laws of energy work against the theory of Darwinian and Neo Darwinian evolution.

The first law is that the level of energy ( or organization) never increases over the level of energy that a closed system starts with.

The second law is the law of entropy ( the useable level of energy or organization always increases in a closed system )

Darwinian evolution requires that the level of organization in biological systems, and "pre biological systems" increases.

Self organization has been observed in a biotic systems. Freezing water will spontaneously form organized structures. The initial state of the system was more disorganized. Crystals are the formation of an organized system in the the previously disorganized molecules.

These examples of self organization creating order from disorder give hope to the theory of decent through modification that requires that the level of organization increases spontaneously, without the intervention of an outside force.

It remains unclear how these relatively simple examples of self organization can explain the amount of organization and information required for the formation of the "first simple" cell. However some advanced forms of self- organization must have occurred if Darwinian evolution is to be considered true.