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Wreaked Havoc across Europe


When the Protestant denominations started becoming predominant in central Germany (and Scandinavia), the Holy Roman Empire suffered a rift. This also had a ripple effect across Europe, it caused the Anglicans to spur up in England (Henry 8th), it caused insurrections in other parts of Europe (France, for example). It caused variations, such as Calvinism.

Primarily though, focusing specifically on Protestantism, the most notable effect was the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), which incinerated Central Germany (areas such as the Margravate of Brandenburg), as they were constantly ravaged by Imperial and Protestant armies. This, split the HRE into 2 sides, wherein there were the Protestant princes (spearheaded by Gustavus Adolphus of house Vasa, for most of the war), whilst on the other side were the Von Habsburgs. During the conflict, not only were there pillaging and the such, but there were also tremendous military advancements (by Gustavus Adolphus), like mobilized artillery, which is typically seen as the beginning of Modern Warfare.