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Sep 21, 2016

Impossible physically. The solvent and solute form intermolecular bonds that create the solution. If the solvent and solute are kept apart there is no solution.


It is when the solvent and solute combine with intermolecular bonds ( not chemical bonds) that a solution is formed. It is impossible to keep the solute and solvent apart.

To keep the solvent and solute straight in your mind. Think that the solvent does the dissolving. In most solutions the solvent is a liquid but the solvent canals be a solid or a gas.

A vent let's something out. There is almost always more of the solvent than the solute so sometimes some of it is vented out.

The solute is the part that is dissolved. In most solutions the solute is a solid. but again the solute can be a liquid or a gas.

solute think solid even though the solute is not always a solid.