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Yes,Uranus have 27 satellites and Neptune 14.

Uranus satellites are named after characters of Shakespeare's drama

Oct 2, 2016

Uranus has 27 satellites and Neptune has 14.


Of the 14 known satellites of Neptune, Triton is the largest. Next in

size is Nereid.The six satellites that were discovered by the flyby-

past-Neptune spacecraft Voyager 2 are Naiad, Thalassa, Despina,

Larissa, Galatea and Proteus. In 2002 and later, Halimede,

Psamathe, Laomedia and Nero were discovered.

As of now, the count for known satellites of nearer-than-Neptune

Uranus is 27. About three centuries ago, Titania, Obero, Ariel and

Ambriel were discovered. Miranda was observed in 1948. Voyager 2

discovered 10 more in 1986 Subsequently, others were discovered.