Why did the UN vote on the creation of Israel?

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Oct 6, 2016

The modern country of Israel has existed since 1948 when the United Nations voted on the status of the former British Mandate lands in the Middle East.


After World War 1 the French and the British carved up the former Ottoman Empire lands in the Middle East into areas of influence and further into puppet states.

Palestine was a special case and put at the disposal of the League of Nations who gave it over to British Control. The Balfour Declaration showed British intention to create a Jewish homeland in the area. The British and French failure to give independence to the Arabs in the Middle East after World War 1 led to the rise of Nationalist movements. Armed clashes between Arabs and Jews and British troops grew over time. Jewish immigration grew.

With World War 2 the British made contradictory promises to the Arabs and the Jews about the establishment of a Jewish homeland to curry favor among Nationalist elements. A Palestine Brigade was created in the British Army which included both Arab and Jewish Battalions.It was disbanded in 1944. A Jewish Brigade was raised from remaining Jewish Battalions. One Jewish Battalion was completely destroyed in fighting at Bir Hakim in North Africa in 1942. The nascent Arab and Jewish forces received valuable training by British forces.

Post World War 2, the British found the area more trouble than it was worth. Jewish immigration became an unstoppable flood. The fate of the area was turned over to the United Nations.

Civil War broke out immediately on partition and independence. It arguably has not ended. Here is a list of the conflicts: