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Oct 21, 2016


They are unlike terms and cannot be added.
This is the answer.


There are often errors in the wording of a question, in particular, 'Solve' is often used instead of 'simplify'.

'Solve' should be used for an equation.
'Simplify' is used for an expression.

I took the liberty of changing the question from 'solve' to 'simplify'.

This type of question is often given when students are first learning algebra, to emphasis the following:

  • only LIKE terms can be added.
  • in algebra, an answer can have more than one term.

Students are often tempted to offer a single term as an answer in algebra, because in their experience, that had always happened.

#10x+3" "larr #In this case, there are two terms.

They are not like terms, so they cannot be added.
There is no simplifying to be done.
This is the final answer.