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Oct 7, 2017

Unknown and no.


The "big bang" is a misnomer as it is really the "big expansion." Prior to the "big bang" our entire universe existed in a singularity, no space-time, no dimensions, no forces of nature.

For an unknown, and unknowable, reason that singular suddenly went through an expansion where it went from the singular to 1/2, approximately, the size of today's universe.

It is believed that anti-matter did exist during that initial #10^-34# of a second our universe emerged. Then during the first three minutes the universe cooled from #10^32# kelvin to #10^9# kelvin. During this period the first hydrogen atoms appears as deuterium and then many of them combined to form the first helium atoms with trace amounts of lithium.

Most importantly space-time was created which in turn gave the four prime forces creation, strong force, weak force, gravity and electro-magnetism.