What is the balanced chemical equation for magnesium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid?

1 Answer
Dec 6, 2016

See below.


We have:

#"Mg"("OH")_2(s)+2"HCl"(aq) -> "MgCl"_2(aq) + 2"H"_2"O"(l)#

for a balanced chemical equation.

To balance chemical equations, count the number of atoms on each side of the equation and make sure the numbers of atoms on both sides of the equation are equal.

With this particular equation, I would notice that #"MgCl"_2# is a species which contains two chlorine atoms and that on the other side of the equation #"HCl"# is a species which only contains one chlorine atom.

So a coefficient of #2# is needed, #2"HCl"#, so that the amount of #"Cl"# atoms is equal on both sides of the equation.

Repeat this process for each atom within the equation.