What kind of operating systems do phones use?

1 Answer
Dec 24, 2016



You can break down the operating systems in a variety of ways.

At a high level, mobile phones can be divided into three categories:

  • Dumb phones, with an OS that purely drives use as a phone.

  • Feature phones, with an OS that probably supports Java ME games and messaging, etc.

  • Smartphones, with multi-tasking operating system that supports a wide variety of apps.

The most popular OS's for smartphones are probably:

  • Android (Linux based)

  • iOS (BSD based)

  • Windows

There are other smartphone operating systems which are less popular or obsolete:

  • Tizen (Linux based)

  • WebOS (Linux based)

  • Symbian OS

  • BlackBerry OS

  • PalmOS

  • WinCE