Why are there so many repeat questions on Socratic?

2 Answers
Jan 17, 2017

A lot of the unanswered questions are repeats.............


I realize it is hard for someone who has just found the site to refrain from asking questions, but sometimes the question has been asked before and answered comprehensively. Those who answer the question have some responsibility to guide a new student, but certainly a new student has some responsibility to look at the older answers to see if a question has already been addressed.

Jun 30, 2018

See below:


One of the reasons I believe is if someone is trying to get a quick answer to a pressing question (for a test, for instance), they don't have time to see if it's already a question- they just automatically ask it.

Furthermore, I've even seen the same person ask that particular question in different content areas (for instance, solve #5x+2y=11# might be asked in algebra, biology, chemistry, etc.). In short, I believe it comes down to that person wanting a quick response.

Hope this helps!