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The required volume of oxygen, at STP, is 12.323 Liters.


The balanced reaction takes the following form:
4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) = 2Fe2O3(s) .................... (1)
It is well known that, for all the materials, the number of moles is
determined by the following equation:
#"Number of Moles" = "Mass of Materials (grams)"/"Molar Mass"# (2)

Thus, #"Number of Fe Moles" = "41.0 (grams)"/"55.845"#
OR Number of Fe moles = 0.734 mole
According to the form in equation (1), the number of moles of required Oxygen = (3/4)(0.734) = 0.5505 mole
For ideal gases, the general equation is given by the following form:
PV = nRT Thus, we have:
#"V" = "(nRT)"/"P"#
OR V of O2= (0.5505 mole)(0.082 Lit.atm/mole.oK)(273 oK)/(1 atm)
V of O2(g) = 12.323 Liters at STP
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Dr. Mamdouh Younes