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Wind energy is one f the indirect form of solar energy.


coal deposited under ground comes from huge vegitation. The trees and plants undergone e photosynthesis from sun light to form coal.

Dec 11, 2017

Fossil fuels + Bio fuels, Hydro-electric, Energy in Wind are all indirect forms of solar energy.


Bio fuels: Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert the energy in solar radiation into chemical energy in glucose (which is actually the electric potential energy of electrons). Thus biofuels are indirect solar energy.

Fossil Fuels: Fossil fuels are ancient plan and animal material. Again photosynthesis is involved in converting the solar energy to glucose by plants which is consumed by animals. When these decay under anoxic conditions and through the involvement of other geological process they become fossil fuels. So the fossil fuels that we burn are solar energy stored by earth for us from the deep past.

Hydro-electric energy: Energy in solar radiation evaporates the sea water and raise they up as clouds. Thus solar radiation is converted to gravitational potential energy which is converted by us to electrical energy.

Wind Energy: The difference in the solar insolation between equator and poles create pressure difference driving poleward winds. These winds may get diverted by the coriolis force to any direction. Thus wind energy is also solar in origin.