How do we represent the combustion of gasoline?

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Mar 1, 2017

Well, first you must define #"gasoline...."#


As far as I know, gasoline is composed of isomeric #"octane"#.

And to balance any combustion reaction, garbage in must equal garbage out.

#C_8H_18(l) + 25/2O_2 rarr 8CO_2(g) + 9H_2O(l)#

Is this balanced? We could represent incomplete combustion by the reaction:

#C_8H_18(l) + 11O_2(g) rarr 6CO_2(g) +C(s) +CO(g) + 9H_2O(l)#

Of course, we have to establish the extent of carbon monoxide and particulate carbon by analysis; here some of the carbon is oxidized incompletely.