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Mar 26, 2017

Let's assume that #"100 mol"# of hydrocarbon are combusted:


#30C_3H_8+70C_4H_10 + 605O_2 rarr 370CO_2 + 470H_2O#

And of course I could divide this by 10 to get prime coefficients:

#3C_3H_8+7C_4H_10 + (121)/2O_2 rarr 37CO_2 + 47H_2O#

Which is (?) balanced with respect to mass and charge. Is it?

So you need a tad over 6 equiv of dioxygen gas per 10 equiv hydrocarbon mix to combust the hydrocarbon completely. Anyway, come back for another serve if you are unsatisfied; you have not asked a question yet.