What is the yield of acetone when isopropanol is oxidized?

1 Answer
Mar 26, 2017


You have given us the stoichiometric equation that represents the oxidation of propyl alcohol..........


#"3C"_3"H"_7"OH" + "Na"_2"Cr"_2"O"_7 + 4"H"_2"SO"_4 rarr 3"H"_3"CC(=O)CH"_3 +"Na"_2"SO"_4 + "Cr"_2"(SO"_4")"_3 + "7H"_2"O"#

But you have given us neither the mass of alcohol, nor the mass of ketone recovered from the oxidation. You have to work out the stoichiometric quantities of alcohol and #"chromium(VI+) salt"# and the product ketone by means of the given equation.