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Sep 2, 2017

Polysaccharides #=# long term storage for plants and found in bread (energy as complex carbohydrates, wholemeal)

Proteins #=# source of nutrition we need to maintain and develop our muscles

Lipids #=# fat, long term energy store


  • Polysaccharides #=# many sugars

An example is starch, found in bread, which provides us with energy in the form of complex carbohydrates (if wholemeal). Plants also use it for long term storage.

  • Proteins are the polysaccharides of amino acids, many amino acids form a protein.

Proteins are an essential nutrient for our bodies to maintain and develop muscles, so eating foods with proteins (eg: meat) is one way proteins can be used.

  • Lipids are polysaccharides of fatty acids and glycerol. Lipids #=# fat. Fat is a long term energy storage for humans.

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