In terms of oxidizing and reducing properties, what are metal and non-metals?

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Apr 20, 2017

Well metals tend to be reducing species...........


And non-metals tend to be oxidizing species.........


The Periodic Table may be understood in terms of the competition between nuclear charge, #Z#, and shielding by other electrons. Unfilled electronic shells shield the nuclear charge VERY INEFFECTIVELY, and this effect is physically manifested by the well-known and marked decrease in atomic radii as we cross a Period from left to right as we face the Table.

On the other hand, when a valence shell is filled, and a new Period is begun, the NEW valence shell is farther removed from the nuclear core, and is not so tightly constrained by electrostatic interaction. And thus metals tend to be reducing species, that can readily (at least relatively) lose their electrons, and become oxidized.

Are you clear on what I have tried to argue?