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Apr 20, 2017

The first impediment to using gold as electrical wiring is its price or valuation, followed by its relatively low abundance, followed by its weakness.


Gold has been held in high regard for its physical properties of brilliance, its soft to work with, but will hold its shapes, and it is rare. Gold was once a monetary standard on which a country's worth was determined.

Gold is much less abundant in the earth's crust. In 2012, 2700 tons of gold were produced compared to the common wire components. 17 million tons of copper and 45 million tons of aluminum were produced the same year.

Gold drawn into wire would be extremely delicate, and would not last very long under normal operating conditions. This property of gold was discovered early by jewelers who found that gold in its purest form could be easily deformed and lose its original artistic shape. That is why most gold jewelry sold is an alloy to strengthen the final product.