What are the roles of estrogen and progesteron in females?

1 Answer
Dec 31, 2017

#FSH# stimulates ovaries to release estrogen.

  • Role of Estrogen:
    Estrogen stimulates and vascularizes the endometrium i.e tissue lining the inner cavity of utreus. So, it basic role is in supporting pregnancy.

Progesterone is secreted by a yellow glandular i.e #"corpus luteum"#.

  • Role of Progesterone:
    In case of menstrual cycle or reproductive cycle, progesterone use to do same work as estrogen. It further develops the endometrium and make it receptive for implantation of zygote.


If fertilization doesn't take place then endometrium starts to breakdown. While in other case, zygote is implanted in the uterus, progesterone stimulates placenta formation and both these hormones support pregnancy throughout the gestation period.

Hope it helps...