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Jul 2, 2017

We do have a feature that sounds like what you are suggesting. Subjects are split into topics. Topics are split into chapters. Each chapter has key questions and practice problems.


If we take a look at the Calculus page, under the Socratic logo you will see two buttons:

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Click on the Topics button (or go to

Here you will see all of the core topics of a subject listed out in chapter ordering, similar to the table of contents you would see in a course textbook:

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Let's take a look at the first chapter of Limits. When I click "Introduction to Limits" (which you can find at, the first thing I see is a video that briefly explains the chapter content. Once I finish watching that, underneath is a section called Key Questions. Here you can find questions that address the main objectives of the chapter:

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After that, the student can ask questions for help with concepts or practice problems and also test what they have learned by answering questions themselves.

This format gives students an organized way to follow a subject in the manner that it might be presented for a course they are taking.