What is a quantitative measurement and what is a qualitative measurement?

1 Answer
Dec 30, 2017

Quantitative measurement #->#amount, measurement is expressed in numbers.
Qualitative observation #-># description or characteristics of sth



The picture above describes the two observations. On the first one we see the amount of trees, their quantitaty. A good example is when we mesaure the lenght of the tree, its mass, volume or any other mesure which contains numbers. In this case we have numbers and this represents quantity.
Quantitive measurements are also: record time, distance, temperature, density...
On the second example there are blue, red and yellow birds.
We just described their characteristics. We could also use all of 5 senses to describe them. How they smell, how they taste, what do they sound like...To record quality we dont need a an instrument like a ruler or a balancer like in the firs example when we measured quantity. Our instrument for quality can be a photo camera to record our observation.


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