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Nov 13, 2017

The selling price is #$187.50#.


The clothing store is buying a jacket at a cost of $150.00 from the manufacturer. When asked to find the selling price, you're trying to find the price that the store sells the product for on shelves.

Since you're provided with a mark up of 25%, you can write an equation to determine how much the shelf-price will be. This is can be written as "25% of the jacket plus the jacket's price equals s, the shelf-price."

#(25% * $150) + ($150) = s#

Remembering to shift the decimal of the percent, we are given the following formula to solve:

#(0.25 * 150) + (150) = s#
#(37.5) + (150) = s#
#187.5 = s#

Remember that when dealing with money, you always want to include the currency symbol ($) and to expand/contract the decimal place to meet two place values.

#$187.50# is the final shelf-price, after a #25%# markup.