Percent Equations

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Solving Percent Problems Using The Percent Equation
8:09 — by James S.

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Key Questions

  • It depends on the question, but in general, divide into 100 pieces and extract the required pieces.

    Example, what is 23% of $743?

    Divide 743 into 100 equal pieces, and then times 23 because you need to extract 23 pieces.

  • Think of a big pie, apple/blueberry the choice is yours. And think of the whole pie like 100%. Then each slice is a proportion.
    So if you take a great big slice of pie e.g. half (1/2) the whole pie then you have taken 50%.
    If you take a smaller piece, say you cut the pie into three then each piece is 1/3 of the pie and is 33.3%
    If you cut the pie into 4, each slice is 1/4 and worth 25%.

    I hope that helps you to understand the underlying concept... if you have a specific question you want to ask then I'll be happy to help - it's hard to know exactly what you need to know from the question you have asked.

  • Rememdber that "per" means "divided by", and "cent" means 100, so "percent" means "divided by 100" or "out of 100."

    If a question says "A is a 29% of B," then you can write

    #A=29/100 B#.

    I hope that this was helpful.


  • Sahil answered · 1 month ago