A 2.00 L container holds .700 mol of oxygen gas at 285 K. What is the pressure in atm inside the container?

1 Answer
Jun 9, 2016

The pressure inside the container is #8.19 atm.#


For this type of question we would use the ideal gas law equation
#PxxV = nxxRxxT#.

  • P represents pressure (must have units of atm)
  • V represents volume (must have units of liters)
  • n represents the number of moles
  • R is the proportionality constant (has a value of 0.0821 with units of #(Lxxatm)/ (molxxK)#)
  • T represents the temperature, which must be in Kelvins.

Now what you want to do is list your known and unknown variables. Our only unknown is the pressure of #O_2#. Our known variables are V,n,R, and T.

Now all we have to do is rearrange the equation and solve for P like so:
#P = (nxxRxxT)/V#
#P = (0.700molxx0.0821(Lxxatm)/(molxxK)xx(285K))/(2.00L)#
#P = 8.19 atm#